Visit the palace from 3 Idiots in Chail

January 15, 2020
Visit the palace from 3 Idiots!

In case you are feeling cooped up or maybe it’s just the wander bug that bit you, if a two-day weekend getaway is what you’re planning, we got you covered!

Chail is a place almost right out of a fairy tale. The legend goes that the King of Patiala during the British Raj, Maharaja Rajendra, did something that got a military officer in the British army angry and led to him being restricted from entering Shimla, the summer capital of  the British in India. It is rumored that the good Raja kissed a British woman in public and that is what led to his exile from Shimla but this, however, is not confirmed. After being exiled, Maharaja Rajendra, outraged at the insult, built his own city just 44 kilometers from Shimla and that city is Chail.

Chail Palace, also seen in 3 Idiots the movie

The Raja’s palace in Chail is a piece of architecture that has been maintained well, in part because it is managed privately and not by the public sector. It is possible, in fact, to book a room for yourself in the palace and live like the Maharajas and Maharanis of old! There are also extensive palace grounds which include, but are not limited to a cricket ground and scenic picnic spots. Not only this, but also there is a cricket ground in Chail at the height of  2,444 metres (8,018 ft) which makes it the highest cricket ground in the entire world!

Highest cricket ground in the world

If getting away from the pollution of noise and the air that we have to face every day is in your mind, Chail might be a place you will enjoy. Apart from the palace, Chail is the perfect place for hikers who come here to enjoy the verdant and lush forests. There is also a small, but beautiful temple of the Goddess Kali by the name of Kali Tibba from where one can catch a mesmerizing sunset that when matched with it’s backdrop of the snow-tipped mountains makes for an extremely serene view.

A hidden gem in the verdant foothills of the Himalayas, Chail is a place one has to experience personally to understand the peace that lives here.

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