Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions you are likely to break in 2019

January 5, 2019
M for Meerut

New Year is here. And we are all ready with our serious (not so serious) resolutions for 2019.


Who doesn’t want to stay fit? But fitness can only be achieved at the cost of junk food and some morning sleep. Getting your asses ready for the Gym, especially in winters, is a task. Going for a morning walk everyday seems a dream. And, of course, one has to follow the routine very religiously. So, what do you think? Are you ready to take and stick to this new year resolution? Well, many people are going to try but nearly 85% of them will fail badly!

M for Meerut


Lose weight

Losing weight means ignoring all the junk and fattening food! Following a strict and healthy diet is what we all expect from ourselves! But are we all set to do that? Yes, you thought twice in your head which obviously means that you are not going to follow it for more than two weeks. Distractions will be everywhere. Even if you would follow your resolution, your sibling would intentionally have your favourite food just to break your resolution and guess what, he/she will definitely succeed.

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Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health! Hence, you try and take the resolution not to smoke. But, inspite of knowing all the bad things that come with the habbit of smoking, somewhere in your heart you start believing that once you start smoking, you cannot leave it. But that’s not true, though. You just wait for a chance for something to happen, some problem to knock at your door and then again hold the same cigarette in your hand claiming that whenever you are sad, this is what calms you for a while.

M for Meerut


Drink Less

Getting drunk on a party day is cool! But what if it is becoming a routine? And that too when u have no idea when to stop. That is the time when you take the resolution to drink but not too much! What really happens is that whenever you enter a party you forget about all the promises and with that trippy music you feel like drinking more and more and once the party is over and the music stops, you find yourself lying on the floor and your friends would be the ones who’ll be carrying you home. Or if your girlfriend dumps you, you are the one who becomes devdas with the whisky bottle!

M for Meerut


Get Organised

All of us aim to get organised with the day to day increasing problems in management. Neither our closets are managed nor our lives! There is a management problem in nearly everything. The bags are not sorted, for the girls and for the boys, their brains. Our rooms are messy and with the same(uncared) kind of behaviour, we easily break this one.

M for Meerut



Putting an end to all the unnecessary expenses and saying hello to our savings account is our all time favourite new year resolution! But then going out with friends is also important! And what about shopping? What if Dad doesn’t give you the ample amount that you want for vacation? We look up to that account until we finish the money in all those unnecessary things that we decided not to do.

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Travelling once in three months is the target that we set! And what we actually meet is travelling once a year! Even if we try hard to go for a vacation every third month, all other factors will go against us and stop us from going anywhere. Lack of funds is the first reason. Then, mom, dad has to agree. Even if they agree then some of your friends may cancel the plan. If not that and all the factors are in our favour, our health gives a bad trip!

M for Meerut


Job Switch

For this one, we really need that motivation. So, the best idea is to take a new year resolution for switching the job. Leaving your old friends is hard and so is getting adapted to the all new surroundings. It’s like leaving your old home and shifting to a new one. But what about personal growth and the hike? Yes, but next year is what comes to your mind and you drop the resolution!

M for Meerut


Indulge in a Hobby

Be it joining the dance class or writing the diary, playing guitar or swimming, playing basketball or cricket, we all have that one love in our minds which we crave to do regularly. If not regularly then at least twice a week, but actually end up thinking that we’ll join it soon or wait for a company and end up ruining the resolution.

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Seriousness towards studies

Last but not least, who doesn’t think of cracking an extremely difficult exam and entering the best place we’ve always dreamt of. Every year, we set this as our target for the next year and then forget about it, literally forget about it. We create a planner and then transform it every day but in the end, we are all lazy and distracted AF.

M for Meerut

Resolutions are meant to be broken! So this year let’s take a resolution not to abide by any resolution!

M for Meerut

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