Reasons why this is the best time of the year!

December 15, 2018
M for Meerut

Saying goodbye to hot summery days and welcoming cool winter days is always so exciting! That time of the year has come which has our hearts! The festive time with winter holidays and so much fun! Here is why we love this time of the year!

Winter Chill

Who doesn’t love Winters? You have to be less worried about your figure! You don’t have to think much about what to wear and what not to wear! When you just need to team up your jeans with a nice coat or jacket and a smart pair of boots! No sweaty afternoons and sunbathing are just what we need! And a hot cup of coffee in a warm quilt in the evening is so satisfying!

Food MoodM for Meerut

Winters have so much to offer in terms of food. You can probably eat more when you have to worry less about getting chubby! With some nutritious greens and juicy drinks, you can have a perfect Sunday brunch! garama garam ‘Gajar Halwa’ and some crazy soups are our all time winter favourites! And having a scoop of ice cream is a treat!


Snuggle in Bed

Winters is all about being lazy! Crawling (literally crawling) out of bed in the mornings and snuggling early night! Shorter days and longer nights mean more sleep! There is absolutely one thing on our mind all day, guess what? Bed and quilt of course! That time of the year when you feel as lazy as a Panda!

M for Meerut

Wedding ShenanigansM for Meerut

Winters means the wedding season is on! Weddings mean shopping and dance! Variety of food and all the happy wedding bells! The sound of bursting crackers and the most happening Punjabi tracks is all that is on our mind! This is when our party mode is on! You could probably hear the voice of the wedding shenanigans coming from every corner of the city!

Best Dating Time

Unlike summers when we are exhausted due to heat and do not enjoy cuddling, winters are exactly opposite! Winters is the best dating time when you can cuddle, get cozy with your date and share some lovely moments with your closed ones! When you can express more and let your date know how much love you have in your heart!

Christmas is around the corner

All of us love Christmas and Santa! We have a special place for Christmas in our hearts! Foggy winters and red colour makes us feel that Christmas is already here! The markets are flooded with Christmas decor! Not only the excitement of having plum cake with a glass of wine but also singing the Christmas Carols! And not to forget, amidst the Christmas Party arrangements, keeping a sock under our pillow and hoping to find a gift in the morning!

M for Meerut

New Year’s Excitement

High on hopes, we are all set for the New Year already! We have all the plans, drinks are ready for the grand New Year’s eve. That time of the year when we are all filled with enthusiasm for the New Year. No matter whatsoever has happened in the past year, we tend to forget all the negative things and give space to all the positives in life! We have perfect new year resolutions to kick start the year!


The winter break is the much needed break! After all the festive madness and New Year’s hangover, a few days off is not at all a bad idea! Spending time with family, going on some crazy trips with your friends and rejuvenating yourself, is all that this time demands! Be it a snowy mountain or a beach of Goa, we have the best destinations to wander!

M for Meerut

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