Outer Limit, in the city!

January 10, 2020
Outer Limit, in the city!

No, we are not joking, we mean the resto-bar in Meerut, which is actually in the heart of the city near Civil Lines Methodist Mission compound by the name of Outer Limit.

Outer Limit is a chic place to meet friends or even just a nice place to hang-out. It’s a place you can even go to have a relaxing evening with your family.

The entrance

Outer Limit has that cozy and warm vibe, which is perfect to combat this chilly weather!

                                                                                                                  Cozy interiors

But wait, that’s not all. What would a good place to eat be without any dishes that are worth eating!

Their fruit mojitos are refreshingly soothing and the sizzlers are sizzling hot. The special sandwiches they serve here are something that will leave you with a delicious memory of their taste to cherish.



For the carnivores among us, their Tom Yum Chicken is melt in the mouth delicious and the lemon fish with butter sauce is so good that you might be left fighting for that last piece!

For desert, their chocolate donuts are sweet enough to satisfy the most sweet toothed among us.

Visit Outer Limit if you have an evening free (or not) because it’s a place with a warm atmosphere, delicious food, and great service!

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