Meerut Mall Road: Feelings Attached!

January 21, 2020
Meerut Mall Road: Feelings Attached!

The Mall road is one of the fixtures of our salubrious city of Meerut.

This was the place where the first mutiny against the brutalities and unfair treatment doled out to the Indian ‘sepoys’ and the farmers began back in the year of 1857, the famous Mangal Pandey revolt.

With such a storied past, it is essential to know more about this place. In our research we found out that the Mall road was first laid out around 1880. The cantonment was created by the British by ‘renting’ out the land which was under active cultivation by the farmers. They were mistreated by our European rulers with only some of them receiving only basic compensation equivalent to their one year income from the farm.

This is one of the reasons why even today one must approach the Defence Estate Officer’s place of work and ask for permission to even repair a crumbling boundary wall.

But for those of us not lucky enough to live on Mall road, we can still go there for a drive anytime of the day, however one thing to be kept in mind is that certain roads, for example the one near St. Mary’s Academy, are closed in the mornings and evenings for the pedestrians to be able to walk without a constant fear of getting run over by a car or banged into by a scooty.

The roads in the cantonment area are definitely better than the ones in the city with a British collector in 1901 even going as far to say that it was one of the finest roads in India at that time.

Mall Road (picture credits, iNext)

The defence personnel posted throughout the area of the cantonment keep the discipline on the roads as well as being utterly disciplined themselves and can be found standing guard in front of key military facilities and such.

The Pakistani tank near the crossing for Kanker Khera is such a mainstay and a stark reminder of the wars that our Indian army has fought and won against foreign powers. In the same vein, Meerut Cantt. Is liberally sprinkled with statues such as the statue of the nameless soldiers who probably fought bravely against the British in the mutiny.

Pakistani tank captured in war(picture credits,

If calming your weary selves and offering them serenity from the constant bustle of the daily grind is what you had in mind, a drive along Mall road at night is our recommended medicine.

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