Hastinapur – An Ancient City

January 14, 2020
An Ancient City

A couple of years ago  a group of researchers and archaeologists discovered that the ruins around the Indus valley were 8,000 years old instead of the previously believed 5,500 years. This means that the cities of that time period, like Hastinapur, are also at least that old, if not more so.

We happen to be lucky in the fact that it is possible for  us to visit this place that holds such significance in ancient texts like Mahabharata early in the morning and be back by nightfall, but we are not quite sure that you will be satisfied with spending just one day here.

Apart from having the very old Pandeshwar temple where the Kauravas and the Pandavas are believed to have been imparted the knowledge of the Vedas, a Goddess Kali temple and many ashrams, Hastinapur is also known for the sprawling Jain temples.

Pandeshwar Temple

The Shri Digamber Jain Bada Mandir is one of the oldest Jain temple in Hastinapur, believed to have been built in the early 19th century. There is also an awe-inspiring structure of the Jain cosmology built here with a diameter of 250 ft. with a 101 ft. tall Mt Sumeru built in the center of the structure known as Jambudweep.  Another little known thing about Hastinapur is that it is believed to have been the birthplace of three Jain Tirthankaras. 

Jain Digamber Bada Mandir



The vestiges of a time so long gone, that we can only wonder at the stories passed down to us. An age so far in the past that there is barely any evidence today that it even existed , and yet when I visit Hastinapur and think about what life of a common person must have been like at that point in time, I get goosebumps over my arms. It seems sometimes occurs to me in my flights of imagination that maybe if the stones could speak, they would tell the tales of Mahabharata here.

There are good places to stay for pilgrims and tourists in Hastinapur with adequate rooms for respite from the extremely hot sun in summers and the biting cold of the winters, or when you just want a chance to stop and take a break from the activities of the day. The best time to visit is when it is not too hot and nor too cold, like spring or just before the first chill of winter. Visiting Hastinapur is surely near the top of many people’s lists of what to do on a weekend, and with so much to do and lots to see, there is no reason it cannot be one of your favourite spots to visit either!


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