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We are M for Meerut. Your Local Guide for the city. Some handpicked recommendations from ‘what to do’ to ‘where to go,’ we’ve got you covered!

We have something you’re surely going to need for exploring the city like never before! We consist of a bunch of crazy people looking for the happenings around you for you! We showcase a range of content regarding events, food, fashion, shopping, beauty, travel and much more! 

We are the first and only city blog of Meerut! Have the best meals, travel to the nearest high-rated spots, dive deep into the culture and what not? We help you find the best in every category, give you some wonderful stories to scroll down and plan a much needed ‘Hatke’ weekend. We give you an unmatched experience by pushing the fresh content everyday and having you choose according to your interests. 

Discover local independent brands and find the most honest reviews about them! Get the latest updates and navigate all corners of the city with us!

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