A ‘factory’ for cakes and more in Meerut!

January 30, 2020
A ‘factory’ for cakes and more in Meerut!

In the year 2009 a revolution hit Meerut, a revolution of savoury sweetness, in the form of an outlet in Saket near Gol Market by the unassuming name of ‘The Cake Factory’, and it did exactly what its name suggested it would. The Cake Factory was a result of the lifelong passion for baking that its owner, Mrs Garima, has carefully cultivated and nurtured. Her aim all those years back was the same as it is today, to introduce and make available to the people of our city baked products of the very top quality, the same as available in bakeries in maybe France, the Holy Land of baking.

The People of The Cake Factory

To ensure this, the proprietors at The Cake Factory know that the first thing is the recipe and they make sure this part is perfect by following the recipes of a Chef from London they had employed. The owner also follows her own, original and tested recipes for some products. The staff at The Cake Factory has been with them from the start and they made sure to hire people who had a desire to excel in such work and such circumstances, which pays off in the form of warm hospitality and a dedication to work rarely seen.

The Cake Factory also makes sure that all of their offerings are fresh by almost religiously throwing out whatever product that has passed its prime time for consumption, you will not find any hard as rock, and stale cakes here!

Cozy interiors

Unfortunately for the price, it is driven up because of this factor as well as compounded by the fact that their customer base is just not strong enough that they can sell everything they bake for the day. Every day The Cake Factory sacrifices potential profits to be able to achieve their lofty aim of providing the best, and just the best for the people of Meerut and that is something we can get behind.

Where:  Bombay Bazaar and 9-b, Saket Road, Saket, Opposite Dhanvantri Hospital, Meerut

Timings: 12pm-10pm

Call Them: 01214056644, 9837077220, 01214033694

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