7 Types of Shopkeepers you’re likely to find on AbuLane

November 26, 2018

The winter season is on and everyone’s going crazy shopping here and there. While shopping, all of us come across the peculiar behaviour of different shopkeepers.

1. The “Jazbaati” Shopkeeper

The one who calls you ‘Gudiya’ and gets after your life to buy stuff by constantly urging you to try it on. He will forcefully get you chai, namkeen, samosa and what not just to make sure you spend more time at his shop and end up buying more.

He is sure to get offended if you doubt him saying “Isse Ache Aur Sasta Kahi Nahi Mileage, Madam”. You actually end up buying several clothes when the jazbaati shopkeeper is around.

2. The “Imported  Hai” Shopkeeper

Here comes the one who has all the so called imported stuff 😉
“Yeh maal aapko kahi nahi milega” is his all time sales pitch. Claiming that the stock he is providing is nowhere available in the market. What he actually means is, not only in the market, but the city. He will convince you like its the best steal deal you will ever get in your life.

Madam! Take it and Go.

3. The “Tharki” Shopkeeper

Now, the Tharki one can actually tell you your size with just one glance. “Aapko yeh wala ekdum fit aayega” and the worst part is that he will always be right.

It seems as if he knows it better than you. He flatters you in whatever you wear. He has this weird habit of saying things like “Le lijiye madam, yeh colour aapko bohot suit kar raha hai” and “Yeh toh lagta hai jaise apke liye hee bana ho”

4. The “Yeh Bhi Lelo” Shopkeeper

It seems as if he is very innocent but Ladies and Gentlemen, let me warn you in advance cause he is the most dangerous one. He forces you to buy everything that you come across at his shop. When you’re confused between two things he will always be like “Dono pasand hai toh dono le lijiye na” followed by the annoying smile and you will be like…

Is it Free?

Just incase you ask for something that is not available at his shop, you are bound to hear from him that “Yeh toh company ne band kar diya hai, dusra wala le jao. Usse bhee acha hai!”

5. The “Least Interested” Shopkeeper

This is the shopkeeper we’re sure you all must have come across at least once. He is the ‘least bothered’ one. He is so lazy that he doesn’t even want to show the stuff that is kept right beside him. Like you try and ask him to get some specific design or pattern and the answer would be..

He doesn’t give a damn to his customers. He would always come up with “Jitna tha sab dikha diya,  Sab maal bik gaya, yeh last piece hai bas”

6. The “Guarantee Wala” Shopkeeper

All his products come with a certain guarantee. He assures you that all that his stuff is branded and is going to remain the same forever. He pretends that his stuff is reasonable but it’s actually extravagant. “Kuch bhee dikkat ho, aap mere pass le aana” and “Areey, hum yaha kis liye baithe hain?” are two of his selling weapons. You might also hear him saying “Local maal hum rakhte hee nahi”

7. The “No Bargain, Fixed Price” Shopkeeper

The moment you’re gonna enter his shop, the first thing you are going to hear after asking the price is that, “Madam, rate fixed hai, rate company se aata hai, lena hai toh lo, maine pehle hee aapko kam karke lagaya hai”. Their second favorite thing to do is to point out towards the board which says “Fixed Price, No Bargaining”. Like any random sign board can stop us from bargaining while shopping. Never!

The best part comes when you pretend to start leaving and he says “Acha na aapki na meri, 400 laga dunga last price” and you smile because the trick has worked.

We’re pretty sure these shopkeepers are not going to change. They are surely gonna entertain you throughout your shopping sessions.


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  • Wonderful Article Stuti! Good observation. It holds true for shop keepers in all cities of our Country. Keep posting more like this.

    Philip November 26, 2018 10:30 pm Reply
  • Lovely explanation

    Shubhangi November 27, 2018 8:20 am Reply

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